means 17 years of creative spirit and a necessary desire to discover art.

Anatolie Pânzaru (re)gives life to wood. Thus, objects of art are born or reborn.

The story of PanzART

Anatolie Pânzaru (re)gives life to wood. Thus, objects of art are born or reborn. He masterfully reconditions works of value processed and finished with precision. Raw wood, especially old wood, remains the essential element in Anatolie’s work. It harmoniously combines wood with metal and stone, canvas and even plastic. It respects wood, for the its nobility and its sacredness, which have meanings and becomes a support for knowledge, path and fulfillment. 

PanzART means the quality of execution,

PanzART means the quality of execution, precision finishing, gentleness, skill, endless patience and attention to details.

ART addiction

The self-taught Anatolie has a successful activity, moved since 2003 to France where he collaborated with a number of international institutions, with a rich tradition in the field of sculpture and art.

Raw wood

Anton has a master's degree from CNAM: Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers Paris, after graduating from the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts in Chisinau.


The mastery is beyond the object, and the proof are the latest projects in which Anatolie is involved.

Refurbished wood collection

Anatolie Pânzaru has an impressive collection of refurbished objects, which have life even after 50 years of existence. The rustic, authentic pieces, which are no longer found today, are a testament to tradition and craftsmanship, and by treating the wood and with great care in the refurbishment process, they can become unique pieces of value in the world.

Consulting of (Panz) ART

In the beginning it was the word, and art means conversation, light and ascension. For collectors who are at the beginning of the road, Anatolie Pânzaru offers consultancy in contemporary, domestic, international, modern, heritage, decorative and visual art.

Wood carving

Wood is the essence! It helps you believe in greatness and offers the opportunity to build valuables that go beyond the dimension of human existence. A piece of wood speaks for itself and every time the vision in space determines the shape that a window, a piece of furniture, a chest of drawers or any other object can have. The grace of the material gives adaptability and style in any object presented.

Anatolie has been sculpting since he was a little boy,and hand-carving has become more than a passion, it has become a way of life.

Anton, as his friends call him, goes through his heart with every single work. Emotions take on forms that are then listed in a work. This has been the sine-qua-non condition in the development of PanzART as a well-known entity in Europe, especially in the west, where Anatolia has a showroom / workshop for over 17 years.

hand-carving has become more than a passion, it has become a way of life.